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Best cities visit usa on In 2002, the Arabic speaking, Berber Muslim nation had a per capita GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) of $5,000, but 30 percent unemployment and 24 percent inflation have taken their toll on the economy. Foreign debt sits at $3.8 billion but heavy investment in oil and gas projects by companies such as the Italian ENI, French TOTALFINAELF, and British Lasino are equal to that debt and promise to keep Libya fiscally sound despite its troubles in international politics. Oil exports make up 95 percent of Libya’s export wealth and 50 percent of all government revenue. Together mining and hydrocarbon extraction account for 35 percent of GDP and employ 10 percent of the workforce. Libya is the second-largest oil producer in Africa behind NIGERIA with proven oil reserves of 30 billion barrels of high quality, light crude. Agriculture is limited to only 1. Best cities visit usa 2016.

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