Hi, I’m Agatha this is travel in her shoes and welcome to our next post today. I will be talking about the perfect camera for vlogging for taking photos for Instagram order it’s for holidays everything you need to know. I am lucky enough that. I work here in Los Angeles and Hollywood. So I I know a lot of dps directors of photography professional filmmakers that have been extremely helpful when it comes to helping me choose the right equipment. I was always very like to borrow a lens or a camera from men professionals for example before trips. I get to use it and, I see Akshay do you like it. So I have to give my credit to them and admit their expertise has definitely helped me choose their equipment for myself and, I’m very happy to share it with you. I divided this post into three stages number one is the very basic stage when your budget is limited but you’re into filming and vlogging and you want to get the same effect for a little money and then it gets more and more expensive starting from the least expensive option is Canon, I’m a very big Canon fan this is a power shot G at g x mark – what. I like about this camera is that it’s extremely powerful and small. I use it always for vlogging if you ever want to take a moment to take a look at my vlog as you can see the quality is amazing, I’m impressed every day how good the quality is how beautiful the photos are how well it manages to take photos in low light conditions when it’s dark this camera has Wi-Fi which.


I personally love and save me. So many times. So you press this little button on the side it says Wi-Fi and it comes up with an iPhone and it’s searching for my iPhone. I have my iPhone right here. I connect to the Wi-Fi which is fantastic where we are and now that, I’m connected on my phone. I go to the Canon app. I can do two things when connected through Wi-Fi to my phone. I can look at images on camera to see all the photos. I have taken and immediately download them to my phone and edit them on my phone immunity this is this is like extremely helpful when you’re on the go you have taken just a great photo. I just want to show you for example. I have this photos with Mickey Mouse from Disney still on this camera seems like oh this is great. So I press download and the photo downloads with my phone and, I can immediately post it without worrying of like plugging my card or my camera and my card to my laptop and downloading into my phone it’s super easy that’s it it’s already on my phone. So I can burst every single photo not only that once, I’m connected to Wi-Fi. I have something called remote live view shooting. I press that look what happens the camera turns on and that can now. I’ll show you right now you can now see in the post myself. I see. So you might think well how does that help for me it is extremely helpful when you’re traveling by yourself like. I said often do and, I want to take photos. So I leave this camera camera on a tripod. I can’t see myself like all the settings too dark another great feature of this little camera is bad that’s a flip screen. I find it extremely helpful whenever, I’m recording a vlog that. I can see myself.

I find extremely helpful you know where, I’m looking right like if you are starting vlogging and you want to something powerful but small this is your way to go if you are taking your blogging or Instagram or whatever it is YouTube to a whole new level. I recommend the camera called Canon d or a TV. I am currently recording with a TD which is the successor of the d, I’m actually selling this one okay. So my camera the good things it’s semi professional camera takes it fantastic photos you can put any lens you want on this camera a it has a flip screen and that’s a huge huge feature for a professional camera because you can actually again see yourself we can flip it you can change angle anywhere you want the professional cameras don’t do that and it’s extremely hard whenever you’re filming yourself or wherever you’re sitting up a shot yourself order that we want to put the camera away from your face it becomes very hard flips kina is a live Savior another fantastic thing about this camera if you’re a vlogger is that his automatic focus while filming and face recognition now if you have ever tried to shoot with any sort of professional camera that doesn’t have automatic focus you know how hard it is to try to pull focus try to like know what you’re doing it’s all shaky this camera automatically detects your face and films it super helpful gehen this is the only reason why, I’m able to actually talk to you right now because whenever. I move the focus suggests otherwise it would be impossible because you wanna shoot it the way. So that the focus is the smallest possible there’s the most shallow depth-of-field. I’ll explain it in another post what that means but.

So that’s two great things about this camera now again Wi-Fi has the same Wi-Fi feature that the baby camera has what’s great too even though it has real big files it has small SD card which is way easier to plug into your laptop or by and be able to download which is great again things that are not. So great about this camera it has a cropped sensor what that means is that whatever you take a lens like a milliliter lens it crops it to about milliliters which means basically that it zooms everything in and it’s okay if you’re aware of it or you can get ready but sometimes may be annoying because whenever you’re filming and you don’t have that wide-angle you have to invest in lenses but other than that it’s very affordable it’s about. I know it’s not cheap but for this quality camera it’s actually a very good price. I always recommend buying refurbished or a slightly used cameras because that always saves you a lot of money on our body and body all this is something you upgrade all the time. So it’s not worth investing. So much as much as two lenses lenses are the expensive part I’ve been always happy like. I said this is my third camera from this series super happy and especially great for filming but there is a third stage of your blogging photography and now if you consider yourself a professional photographer or you want to take your photography to the next level and you feel like you want to use the equipment that it’s being used by the best of the best well then.

I kind of imagine you’re not using Canon d Mark or an equivalent from its competitors. I prefer canons this is a way heavier camera as you can see there is no flip screen there is no Wi-Fi. I believe that the mark that just came out has Wi-Fi but other than that it’s not a very user-friendly camera to use unless you know what you’re doing it’s extremely powerful and, I love that and in the beginning. I was using just the automatic feature on it but now that, I’m getting better and better with photography And I’ll do a completely separate post on how to choose your setting right and how to get a perfect Instagram photo but we’re not going tell you this camera which is about, So it’s way more expensive than or d but it has a full sensor it’s the quality of the image is mind-blowing and every single home blogger that you’ve probably watched that has like amazing photos uses this camera, I’m pretty sure but the problem of this camera is that it doesn’t have face recognition doesn’t have automatic focus it’ll have flip screen doesn’t have Wi-Fi Cirillo of things that make make it difficult to use if you are a solo traveler or someone who is not very fluent in camera. So to say. I have. I have to tell you I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about the new Sony cameras. I haven’t used it. I know Microsoft sensing about them and, I’m sure we’ll get one soon cell to another separate post on them but for now these three cameras. I’ll show to you they again just for you to compare these two and how how different they all right this one’s definitely heavier and bigger and that’s deferred bay buchanan there’s quite a big difference.

I don’t know if you can see maybe here is better now it’s So cleanses. I have quite a lot of fences right here different sizes and this one’s like super heavy one this is trully my heaviest lens out there milliliter prime lens. what does it mean. I’ll explain in a second this is a let’s start from the lens that would recommend for you to get and this is the very first lens. I got it’s to f-stop for or to episode. I would say these are the two islands this either of them that you should get for yourself and the reason is the to is the range of the zoom. So to say and, I will do another post on photography that. I explain to you a little better and the f-stop is how well it captures the depth of field. So for its like. I will be in focus when the back of me not. So much the lower you go the more dish to more shallow depth of field as. So for example at this lens which was the most expensive lens super heavy it’s because the f-stop is the lowest possible which is one point. So that means that you can get focused on my nose but my eyes will be already blaring it’s beautiful it’s great for portraits it’s extremely powerful lens but very very expensive. So you definitely don’t need that. I don’t think you need that personally. I would say any lens to there’s another great lens for you with EPS of. and like.

I said another great F Sabri to look for but you don’t need anything more powerful for that anyways if you are looking for a prime lens and prime lens is the one that doesn’t have a zoom. So as you can see this one is a zoom it zooms in and out from to this lens right here doesn’t have that feature only has focus that means it’s a prime lens it only has one zoom setting. So to say and this one is a. I would say if you the reason why there is no zoom it’s believed that whenever you don’t have zoom the lens and the quality of the glass is more beautiful and more powerful. So that’s why this lens is there and more expensive this is another lens that doesn’t have the zoom bit you both are very heavy there’s a lot of glass in here. So if you’re dreaming of like a really nice quality photo. I would say start with the prime lens of or these will give you beautiful quality very low f-stop and beautiful quality of image. I know it’s like a lot of information you like. So she’s recommending. So many lenses she’s recommending all of this and, I think. I am, I’m overdue for a great photography class because you can’t really know what equipment to buy if you don’t understand photography very well and what you’re looking for in a lens what are you looking for in a camera. So this was just a very basic recommendation from me just. So you have an idea what to buy but once you have that and you know your price range what you want what do you need for your personal needs then we can discuss how to use that equipment well like. I said. I really don’t want this post to be super long and super boring that’s why, I’m gonna and right here if you have any more questions about photography they said you know in the comments below and if you found this post just a little bit helpful please leave me a thumbs up or subscribe to my blog because there will be more photography posts coming in more lifestyle posts coming in the more fashion and more trouble you. So much for coming. So make sure you subscribe to miss on any of my next posts thanks. So much for reading. I really she’s having you here lots of love bye.

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