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From the same Vatican burial area come two sarcophagi with inscriptions, that of Livia Primitiva ICUR II 4212 and that dedicated by Saturninus and Musa ICUR II 4224 to their son, generally attributed to individuals of Christian faith: in neither case do the text or the figurative themes represented fish, anchor, shepherd, sheep, Best business USA a veiled woman praying appear to be decisive arguments in favor of a Christian commissioning, also because, in both cases, we do not know their primitive monumental context. Best business USA Similar reservations can be advanced for the stelae of Tolli,a VAsklhpiakh, ICUR X 26971, of Aegrilius Bottus Philadespotus ICUR V 15360 with anchor and fish below the inscription, of Iulia Calliste ICUR 3.2.1, which presents in the lower part the enigmatic and perhaps later sign R IH CR. Best business USA On the other hand, no doubts about attribution.

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