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Best beach vacations for The implication of this particular form of MARKET structure is that the prices for these goods and services are then determined by the objectives of the monopolist, and are limited only by the buyers’ willingness to pay for the good or service. This is precisely because there are no other providers, so the monopolist is not constrained by any rival firms. The polar opposite of a monopoly is a market structure characterized as perfectly competitive”usually considered as a market with many firms that compete against each other. However, regardless of the actual number of firms, a market is perfectly competitive if each firm can essentially only charge the going market price, or otherwise risk losing all of its customers to competing firms. Profit-maximization, perfectly competitive markets. Economists usually assume that the objective of a privately run firm is to maximize the PROFIT it makes, where profit is measured as the total revenue earned by the firm minus the total costs incurred in producing the good or service. This profit motivation is assumed to be the same regardless of the type of market structure that 570 monopoly the firm operates in. Best beach vacations 2016.

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