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Best african country to visit on Presidents Benjamin HARRISON and Grover CLEVELAND aggressively courted Latin America. Business leaders actively pursued foreign markets for goods, and identified certain lands as strategically desirable. Hawaii, with its sugar production and strategic location as a stepping-stone to Asia, was annexed in 1893 after the removal of nationalist Queen Liliuokalani. Samoa was the next possibility for American expansionist tendencies. The most dramatic example of this new, international expression of manifest destiny would be in Cuba, where nationalists hoping to achieve independence from Spain were asking for American assistance. The United States remained neutral until after the election of William McKINLEY, despite the efforts of sympathetic journalists to whip up public support for the Cubans. The explosion of the battleship Maine in 1898 in Havana Harbor propelled the United States into the war, and after ten weeks the fighting was over. Best african country to visit 2016.

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