Bern Map

Bern Map

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Bern Map for These mores, grounded in language, channel our thinking and acting. Hobbes thus proposed an extensive streamlining of language along the lines suggested by his geometrically grounded thinking. The effort to settle the definitions of words and stabilize the meanings of concepts 44 thinking politics was no mere academic affair. It was, Hobbes held, the only basis for a stable social and political life. It required an all-powerful Leviathan who could enforce the proper use of language. Theorists do not have Leviathans at their disposal to settle the meanings and uses of words once and for all. Competing political mores”the concepts, conventions, principles, rules, and understandings that constitute the stuff of political theory”will always be found in abundance, at least wherever freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press exist. Bern Map 2016.

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