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At the same time as this controversy, another regarding the Trinity arose in the Libyan Pentapolis, where the bishop of Ptolemais was accused by his colleagues of Sabellianism. Dionysius’s antiSabellian intervention led him to be accused by members of his own community of Alexandria to Sixtus’s successor Dionysius of Rome 259 268, Berlin Metro Map who sent to the church of Alexandria a letter against their bishop. Dionysius of Alexandria vindicated himself in a Refutation and apologia in four books, fragments of which were cited by Athanasius in his treatise De sententia Dionysii. Finally, ca. 265, Dionysius was asked to go to Antioch to judge the bishop of that city, Paul of Samosata; he declined the invitation, citing age and infirmity. He died shortly after, in 264 or 265. He is the author of an Easter canon HE VII, 20 and some lost works, one of which, On the Promises, held that John’s Apocalypse was not written by the apostle and evangelist of that name HE VII, 24-26; III 28, 3-4.

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