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The wax at the bottom of the canal is difficult to flush out, so sometimes a warm sweet oil may be used to loosen some of the hard crusty wax. Again, the ear should be left dry.

When the ear is infected and contains purulent matter, it should be syringed with a surgical soap solution, such as Phisohex, then left dry.


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Thinking back later about what might have helped at the time of the baby’s birth, parents said having a greater understanding of the other parent’s cultural beliefs about parenting would have helped. Travel Becoming Parents Adjustments of Parents Who Have Premature Children on holiday In addition to the usual stresses of the birth of a baby, parents who have premature children face additional challenges. Unlike most parents, who have nine months of preparation for parenthood, parents who have premature births are often plunged into parenthood in unpredictable ways. They may have little or much to manage. If children are only a few weeks premature, parents may have few problems.

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