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BOOK on the INFANCY Latin, apocryphal. Its proper title was probably Books of the Birth of the Savior and of the ostetrica, mentioned in the Decretum Ps.-Gelasianum 5,4,2. This is a Latin text discovered by James in two manuscripts Arundel and Hereford, chs. 59-97 and called by the most recent editors in CCAp a special source; the best-preserved text is in the Irish apocrypha Liber Flavus Fergusiorum and Leabhear Breac. Belo Horizonte Map The text probably comes from the Jewish Christian circles of the first centuries and has a fragment similar to that of the Gospel of the Hebrews cited by Sedulius Scottus; it is conjectured to belong either to the Gospel of the Hebrews, the Gospel of the Nazarenes or the Gospel of Peter. The apocryphal work narrates the trip to Bethlehem and offers a very picturesque description of the nativity with docetist elements, emphasizing in a particular way the role of Joseph, less so that of Mary. CANT 53; BHL n 3445m.; CCAp 13, 64-134; 14, 619-880; It. tr.: Erbetta 12, 206-217; Moraldi 1, 228-261; Fr.: CCAp 14; Pol.: Starowieyski 1, 317-330; J. Gijsel, Les ‰vangiles de l’Enfance de M.R. James: AB 94 1976 289-302; J.D. Kaestli, Recherches nouvelles sur les ‰vangiles latins de l’enfance et sur le rcit apocryphe de la naissance de Marie: EtudTheolRelig 72 1997 219-234.

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