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Beijing Metro Map on Following his assertion, it would be most appropriate to place Kantorovich’s contributions to economics in the chronology of the SOVIET UNION’s state economy. Kantorovich’s biography extends from establishment of Soviet authority in industrialized urban communities, through nation-wide industrial transformation, economic planning for national defense during the World War II, and the extension of state research institutes during the postwar era. The same year that Kantorovich was awarded the economics prize, Soviet physicist A. Sakharov received the Nobel Peace Prize for his extended unofficial campaigns on behalf of human rights and disarmament. As Kantorovich wrote in his citizen’s formulaic autobiography or anketa, I was born in Petersburg (Leningrad) on January 19, 1919. My father, Vatilij Kantorovich, died in 1922 and it was my mother, Paulina (Saks), who brought me up. During the privation of World War I, Kantorovich’s family removed themselves to Byelorussia; their son returned and entered Leningrad State University’s Mathematical Department at the age of 14. Beijing Metro Map 2016.

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