Hi guys this is a glad travel in her shoes today. I will talk to you and share with you my secrets about my beauty hacks and the thing is two things you should know first of all, I’m very lazy. So my beauty hacks are based on me wanting to spend minimal time working on my looks and second of all. I am not that kind of girl that wakes up and has like perfect hair an amazing rested face ah. I guess that’s what you call that true beauty. I do not have that skill unfortunately or this gift. So whenever you lazy you want to spend as much time outside and see as much of them well the one you travel with location that you travel and, I know that you are not that kind of person that wakes up looking glamorous that’s always almost a recipe for disaster and looking horrible but thankfully. I figure out a few tricks that make me look good whenever. I travel and, I want to share them with you today. I’ll start from these two and show them were one thing they would say. I always try to get the best sleep feeling whether it’s on the plane whether it’s at a fancy hotel or hostel that means. I actually have a problem with pillows whatever a travel because some of them were too hard for me and my neck hurts and, I don’t get the best sleep. So I’ve learned to be like a little baby that travels with their like plush toy, I’m actually traveling with my own pillow this is a brand new one that. I just recently got as a gift that good too. So. I’ll show you two that. I have but it’s a small pillow.


I don’t like the blow-up ones because they’re not as comfortable but this lets me feel like, I’m at home cuz it’s like my pillow. I don’t sleep on this pillow at home. But I always sleep on the very same pillow whenever. I travel. So that means that it makes me feel a little familiar it makes me get the right rest and, I’m sure, I’m comfortable and, I cannot begin to tell you what a difference it is to get proper night’s sleep and don’t worry about babying uncomfortable this one on the other hand was rolled into this back and it’s a foam pillow amazing oh yeah. So that’s my trick number one and laughs away. I stuff at my mom that trouble with pillow and you can laugh with me for traveling with Phil. I don’t care it works magic for me. I should perhaps also add that. I actually do a lot of preparation before my trip. So I try to get some Sun on my face, I’m a little bit and that makes me look a little bit more rested. I get my nails done with gel nail polish which makes my hands look presentable for at least two to three weeks whenever. I travel. I also do my eyelash extension every now and then. I don’t have them all right now. But I find that whenever. Because I like. I said minimal minimal effort and whenever my eyelashes are done it looks like. I have mascara on and, I look less pale and unfortunate because, I’m a natural blonde my eyelashes are blonde and, I just looked pretty miserable whenever. I don’t have makeup on or eye makeup on. So whenever. I arrive by the new location on the holiday whether it’s even in winter that’s hung bait skin there’s a little bit santan going on eyelashes nails that already makes me look good. But I really struggle with my hair. I don’t dye my hair. So it makes any sort of hairdos very challenging cuz my hair just got straight immediately if.

I can dry my hair. I have this BB domed blowit hair styler and this is something that. I put on whenever. I can’t dry my hair because there was no electricity like camping or climbing Kilimanjaro that helps my hair get less frizzy and my hair does get very frizzy whenever. I don’t have a hair dryer however. I travel with my hair dryer. I always do this is a special travel one it’s small and also changed his voltage. So I can use it both in America and in Europe without a problem and the thing is I’ve gone to place it that. I was like percent sure, I’m gonna have a herd and, I did not have a her dryer and, I just really needed because otherwise my heart gets really bad however there’s one more trick with a hair dryer then we need to share with you. So I’d say of times, I’m actually not using my hair dryer for my hair but for my clothes. So whenever. I have a top or a dress that we like it’s all crunch and there’s no iron or, I’m bored. I have to go like this special room or order it and there’s no time because you have to leave. I travel with this wrinkle reducer and sometimes. I even put it in a smaller bottle and you spray it on your top like you know see yeah a little bit and that’s not enough then it’s like in your hairdryer and, I’m not gonna turn it on but you basically use it as way like this to iron your clothes. I kind of begin to tell you that it’s number about one magic trick that. I absolutely love it always against my clothes it’s good enough that it looks good in photos it doesn’t have that it’s almost like this steamer it doesn’t have that like you know. I am feel to it it just have natural flow.

I absolutely love it and like. I said that’s the reason. I travel with them her dryer also speaking of her. I have two tricks and number one dry shampoo this one from living proof is my favorite. I always have baby bottle the little travel-size that. I don’t have it with me right now but it makes my hair just a little bit textured it doesn’t give that like sticky look the first thing. I dry my hair it’s So like fresh and very like loose. I always say add a little bit shampoo to my roots thank you and it gives that you know bit of a texture it’s less flow it’s more like like this. I also love to use this finishing mist from nexus again. I don’t like the sticky look on my hair this is very helpful with small. I have it in my handbag. I take it with me pretty much all the time it’s my favorite hair product of all times it doesn’t have that sticky like thick doesn’t make my hair very heavy absolute favorite now if you know me a little bit you know that. I happen to spill things every now and then well these are these shout wipes it’s actually like a wet tissue inside that whenever. I have a little stain. I use it to wash my clothes and it works magic, I’m super happy with it and, I always have one or two in my handbag or in my suitcase whenever. I travel and these are actually hand wash little packets liquid detergent that. I use whenever. I just want to wash my underwear cuz that’s the only thing that. I actually need to wash when. I buy travel for two or three weeks cuz. I have enough clothes or yes. I re wear like shorts twice or three times but when it comes to underwear. I try not to wear underwear but thanks to this. I just wash in my sink and super easy and super light. So no excuse not to take it to be honest alright another thing that’s weird about me. But I am slightly obsessed with brushing my teeth and I oh. I feel like, I’m like a world champion caster brushing teeth. I brush my teeth like four or five times a day. I love this like fresh feel of a toothpaste.

I tried to use a toothpaste there or that don’t have fluoride and our organic my favorite one is honest by Jessica Alba but sometimes, I’m on a plane and, I have a window sit and, I feel too lazy to go and get out. But I just had like dinner and have a really like bed taste in my mouth or. I don’t know they’re like millions of reasons why sometimes it’s not quick convenient to travel with a travel toothbrush and a travel toothpaste well this is my lifesaver these are travel toothbrushes with a little bit of toothpaste inside and a toothpick at the end looks like and they always have a few in my handbag and thirty seconds that. I love these mmm very useful now little baby products, I’m super happy with this is the oil free makeup remover but they’re very small and they’re usually for eyes but there is a version for the entire face. I love how small it is and then basically try to make it very easy for myself if you have seen my morning routine post you know. I use origins to wash my face but when, I’m traveling. I buy these little lights to take off my makeup and brush my face cuz often times it’s just like. I can’t be bothered, I’m. So tired and, I make it easy for myself and usually this works better for me this is like a smaller packet of ten only. Because I took it on a plane and also it’s very refreshing same with. I America everything’s tiny cuz. I need to take as many clothes as possible. So all those things have to be tiny alright.

So this is the sunscreen you probably don’t need because it has a a Sun factor. I usually use a smaller one. I use this for Kilimanjaro that’s why it’s So big but this company some bum makes their lipstick and, I lost my uncle in winter. I haven’t repurchased it but that’s the only lip balm that actually has sun protection and it has SPF of like very very useful. So important to protect your lips from getting sunburned and we often forget because we just put some color on forgetting that our Sun screws all over our face button on our lips. So please if you can find any other one let me know because, I’m actually interested to find another one that would have lip balm that would have high SPF for my lips whatever reason it’s not very common to find. I wonder why anyways any snakes next product they travel with is to keep my skin nourished and again it’s very small this is extra virgin coconut oil. I use coconut oil whenever. I travel. Because I find that moisturize my skin the nicest it’s the most efficient gives me that glowy like sweaty look on the beach as well. I do use sunscreen but for tonight. I just feel like my skin’s and, I’m. So dry from a plane and coconut oil is like my absolute and two more things.

I travel with these iPads the moment he opened this the iPod feels. So good against your skin their. So called and, I find that they actually do help reduce the swelling. I don’t even know the grace and Stella is the company and I’ve been recommended this by a few beauty bloggers and, I find them very very helpful. I also travel with my towel just. Because I like the idea of washing my face with my own towel it’s a quick drying towel it’s from REI but it’s like four dollars and it works magic sometimes on a plane too when. I wash my face and, I don’t want to use your paper towels. I just want to be. So soft And So good and one last final Beauty trick is to have a lot of water and you can’t have a lot of water if it’s So hard to get to water. So I travel with my own bottle and whenever, I’m at the airport or at a shopping center or whatever. I make sure that. I refill my water because it’s way easier for me once. I already have in my handbag. I want to make it as light as possible. So drink more as it was to oh.

I don’t need to buy it kind of attitude. So it’s important to drag it around it will force you to drink weigh it more this particular one is my absolute favorite because because it actually has a filter. So as you can see inside there’s this thing that you can filter it it can take hours but this is a coconut shell filter it’s organic and it cleanses your water. So you can technically have tap water. I do not recommend having tap water in every single country in the world but if you for example are traveling in America and you kind of like oh. I just use this you can take like. I said you can take it off it’s not put it in refill it and it cleanses your water as the beautiful awesome spout. I actually love the design, I’m gonna link it down below because it’s such a beautiful bottle and it really keeps my skin hydrated and ultimately he makes me look a little bit fresh and rested. Because I guess number one reason why we don’t look as pretty as we would have liked when traveling is lack of sleep and not enough hydration and you can actually see it in your face all right cool that was it these are my beauty tricks. I will have more when it comes to makeup and hair in a separate post because okay. I got quite a few a minimalist tricks of how to look good when on the go they. So much for reading and if you have found any tiny little piece of advice that you found useful please leave me a thumbs up or leave a comment below with your favorite tip if there’s anything that you want to add let me know the comments below and make sure you subscribe not to miss my next post thanks. So much for reading that was Aggie and this was cookie who was constantly playing with all the things. I was showing you throughout the post it was very curious what, I’m doing cookie you want to say something bye.

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