We are back on naval and it’s very very very warm making the boat usable again are you just trying just the winner. So we’re inside unpacking fixing first stuff before we go and grab some dinner out everyone’s sweating our clinicians they won’t work. So we did a quick fixes in our boat and we’re going out tonight just to get to see the city a little bit better, I’m excited although very very sweaty it’s needs margarita time now this one is the best you should try it. I’ll give it to you the hollowed-out part making fresh popcorn tacos there’s are the Lyceus offs it’s gotta happen there okay to talk to you tonight room very very basic but I’ve slept on the floor in a boat for years.


So this is better than I’ve ever had. So good night. I’ll see you guys tomorrow bye HDPE just woke up it’s I was trying to get up earlier but it was too hard there’s a time difference plus it was a crazy night it’s just not really good home very very light. But I know, I’m just right now, I’m just getting some fresh air trying to get some energy before we have to actually fix stuff. So so yesterday we were working hard and today we’re working hard too my job was figure out the Boom Bang which is this part here as well as get a new line for our main main. So main sole technically yes and then our the job was to choose line for the main. So because it’s been kind of tricky it’s a furling line for those who are interested and right now, I’m doing maintenance treatments this is how, I’m protecting myself from this. I wish the camera showed the sweat and the most cute of eyes that. I have on me it’s nothing that, I’m complaining. I just want you to see that it’s all not fancy romantic sexy stuff it’s actually hard work to be on the boat as well which is fun but you just have to be aware that that’s the reality it’s it’s not only Sun Tanning in a nice costume it’s basically of all the work that you have to do whether you want it or not we are on our way to apparently the best tacos in Zihuatanejo and a friendly they’re here it’s So we are sitting here and our food is being done here hola tacos combat start there oh and esto was awesome it’s like very very fresh tried on the streets, I’m So cool we need. So many tackles and now we’re heading to the beach to see the Sun but sounding said hopefully yeah and it’s getting a little bit cooler.

So that’s nice my feet are a little swollen they’re like little sausages like. So thick you know when you gonna get enough water and it’s very hot that’s basically popping oh my god you scared me. So we are keep walking we want to see the beach right now and hopefully we’re gonna make it just before the sunset if we’re close of not making it Michaels tagging along alright guys. I am gonna walk you through the beach with me look at this we’re getting into the water into the water right now spread it before sunset that’s behind us you hear that Mexican music the waters beautiful, I’m telling you it’s just. So with the most amazing me like we see let me show you what. I see this is what.

I see and, I’m like in the water and amazing. So warm And So lovely and it’s a miracle. I love it fancy gonna be this one with us on their home yes all to see what an a-hole nice what’s in here bro a Tito no repeat that looks loke beautiful markets around walking around wrong do somebody help. So just a very wrong we are doing some to go drink champagne champagne it’s with beer another point that we stopped and we had just German requirements for applies to have tacos has to be full of locals and it has to look very simple and has to be out on the street and we found this beautiful place here. So you get five tacos for twenty festival which is really pretty good it’s about dollar fifty for five tacos yeah, I’m like. So full and still eating it’s ridiculous it’s p.m. And I’m walking around the supermarket getting last supplies for our trip or leaving tomorrow and we have almost everything they’re already paying at the register. But I need to find Pringles this for whatever reason we all feel like having some Pringles and we can’t find true goals we can see the little ones ah here they are Oh huh penny oh nice but.

I hope you girls will say good everything ready before a trip. But I’ll leave with Pringles perfect, you can smile oh yeah good morning my face is swollen got some some other words y’all my face anyways if we are running to the beach to see a sunrise it’s in the morning and it’s already pretty bright but let’s see if we’re gonna make it guys this is just. So so pretty and my voice sounds sleepy and, I feel sleepy my face is covered with some sort of Sun allergy and it’s an extreme pain, I’m sure if you can see discussing too much information. I know but just today you know this moment is not perfect but it feels perfect it’s just. So fantastic to be here, I’m grateful for this opportunity and, I want to use it you know like. I feel. I get to these amazing things, I’m. So lucky there’s something that. I have to do in life and, I think that’s something that. I need to do is to share it with others. So this beautiful sunrise here on the beach today is home. I wish you were here. I wish you could experience that at least once in your life just it’s warm more Sun and boiling hot water in the ocean that’s is. So fantastic and yeah wish you were here came out very bright now finding. I think you.

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