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Beach vacations for When we review the years BC to BC, the time period during which Jesus was born, we see that the Moon was under Virgo’s feet at the point when the Sun was clothing her only in BC on September , to be precise see fig on why the Sun appeared to be clothing Virgo. The Moon was technically under Virgo’s feet corresponding to Virginis for that whole day, from the moment it rose in the east when it was degrees from the Sun until Virgo set in the west when it was ? degrees from the Sun. Subject to favorable weather, the young crescent Moon would normally have become clearly visible to the naked eye shortly after the Sun set that evening. FIG The astronomy of the zodiacal constellations. The plane on which Earth orbits the Sun is called the ecliptic, and it is along this that the zodiacal constellations lie. In this image Earth in grey and blue is depicted revolving around the Sun. From the perspective of Earth on September , BC, the Sun looks like it is located in Virgo’s midriff. Beach vacations 2016.

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