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Beach vacation for Larson, an attorney in the United States, has recently popularized a very similar theory in a DVD called The Star of Bethlehem. The major difference is that what Martin regarded as the moment of the birth of Jesus, Larson views as the moment of the conception. As enthralling as the adventures of Jupiter in ? BC were, the hypothesis of Martin, and Larson, must be rejected for a number of reasons. First, the whole hypothesis rests on a very dubious redating of Herod’s death to BC. We have already seen some of the shortcomings of this chronological revisionism. For one thing, coins minted in Jerusalem by Herod’s sons make it clear that they began their reigns in BC. Second, Matthew b strongly suggests that the Star was observed to stand over a particular house, not the town as a whole, leading the Magi to the exact place where the child was. Beach vacation 2016.

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