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Beach vacation destinations for Frankincense is a yellowy white gum tapped from the frankincense tree, genus Boswellia, in the southern Arabian Peninsula or the Horn of Africa, which gives off a sweet, balsamic odor when burned or heated. Pure frankincense was widely used in the ancient Near East for cultic purposes. In Israelite religion it was placed alongside the showbread in the tabernacle and then temple Lev. , accompanied the cereal offerings Lev. and was the key ingredient in the sacred incense that was placed before the ark in the Most Holy Place Ex. The offering of frankincense to the messianic infant probably implied that the Magi were acknowledging his priestly and/or divine status. Myrrh is a fragrant yellowy-brown gum resin tapped from the Commiphora myrrha tree, which is also found in southern Arabia and the Horn of Africa. Beach vacation destinations 2016.

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