Be Wary Of Using Your Credit Card At An Internet Cafe

Internet cafes’ computers may have keylogging software or hardware that records your keystrokes, so unscrupulous people (not necessarily the owners of the cafe) can see the username and password to your online accounts (banking, email, etc.) or grab your credit card details. There is a good trick to make this more challenging in which you can open a couple of other browser windows (for the website you are using) and halfway through entering your passwords or credit card information type incorrect information into these windows.

Be Wary Of Using Your Credit Card At An Internet Cafe Photo Gallery

Ideally, an Internet cafe would allow a clean boot every time a customer uses the computer so you don’t get stuff that some other customer put there. This does not foil hardware keyloggers though. And when you are finished, make sure you erase all your browsing history, the browser’s cache, and do not let a browser save your password at all.

Many browsers, including the popular Firefox and Chrome, allow you to do private browsing in a different window, in which no history is recorded and nothing is saved. Once done, just close the private browsing window and no one will know what you looked at (unless they had a hardware keylogger these can often be plugged into uSb ports at the back of the PC which you will not see).

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