Batikent for He also fond it increasingly necessary to cort the favors of the Catholic Chrch, which was reestablishing its traditional athority and was antagonistic to the rogressive science of the modernists Eventally, Naoleon became severely critical of the ideologes, dismissing them as windbags and charging them with imracticality and idealism Ideology, Naoleon accsed, had become a sinister metahysics2 The French emeror criticized the ideologes for the same reason that Francis Bacon had earlier criticized the scholastics”for making imaginary laws for imaginary commonwealths The roblem, Bacon charged, was that their discorses are as the stars, which give little light becase they are so high3 Thogh intended to illminate the minds and direct the behavior of an entire eole, de Tracy’s science of ideas fell into disfavor and obscrity owing to its abstractness and failre to achieve ractical reslts nder Naoleon, then, ideology eventally became a ejorative term, denoting an nrealistic set of beliefs that was ractically seless if not socially ernicios Batikent 2016

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