Bathrooms design

Bathrooms design for It was after the Last Supper, and His disciples had come with Him to keep watch, but they were all asleep on the job. I could sense the fear, the betrayal of Judas and the abandonment that Jesus felt. But as He accepted His mission once again, the mission of dying on the Cross, I could see thousands of fearing demons taking flight when Love accepted to drink from the Cup that was being offered to Him by His Father. Then my vision shifted to the following morning, and I found myself on the winding path out of Jerusalem, up towards Golgotha. Although it was daytime, the clouds were so low and dark that one would have thought the night was not over. My sandaled feet stood on dry vegetation and I could hear the tramp and clank of the soldiers as they plodded up the hill. These scenes were frighteningly real. Bathrooms design 2016.

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