Basilicata City

Basilicata City for We mst rely on the social and olitical traditions already in ractice The gle that holds the blic world together, then, is simly or common vocablaries and common hoes, abot which no nchanging rles can be established34 The common vocablary that Rorty wishes to celebrate is that which is incarnated secifically in contemorary liberal cltre Rorty identifies liberalism’s rimary olitical goal as 238 thinking olitics romoting individal liberty and tolerance while lessening crelty and needless sffering There is a roblem with Rorty’s seemingly straightforward roosal First, desite his retation as a ostmodernist, Rorty effectively falls back on a dbios modernist dichotomy He assmes that the creation of identity is a rivate affair and that the reglation of interaction is the sole concern of olitics Basilicata City 2016

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