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Barcelona Subway Map on We can expect to find good health care services and basic education granted to all citizens of countries above $10,000 per capita, which was exactly that of CHILE in 2001, measured in purchasing power parity (that is, adjusted to what you really can buy with the same amount of money in different places). This GNI per capita was also highly unequal in its international distribution, such as $2,540 in the case of India, to follow with our example, $25,400 for Sweden, and $36,300 in the United States. Very low per-capita-income countries are to be found in Africa, such as poverty-ravaged Sierra Leone, with $500 per capita. These low-income levels are usually associated with high mortality rates, especially infant mortality, and low education levels. It has been argued that this distribution is no accident, but is the result of a highly unfair world-system, where trade policies, financial structures and skewed international arrangements maintain a flow of wealth from poor countries (the periphery) into rich countries income 401 (or core), the United States in particular, and increase within-nation inequality. How can this happen? Take corn as an example. Thanks to large subsidies and industrialized production systems (for instance, how fertilizers are used can be optimized through satellite imagery of large-scale crops), American corn producers are able to outsell farmers in Mexico (where corn, incidentally, was turned into a crop around 7,000 years ago). Barcelona Subway Map 2016.

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