Baraki Barak City of Afghanistan

Baraki Barak City of Afghanistan for the next two years consumers knew the company as MCI WorldCom. By the turn of the millennium the MCI part was dropped. WorldCom continued its communications services for tens of thousands of businesses globally, and carried more international voice traffic than any other carrier. Its market share of internet communications technology was as large as its piece of the global networks market (95,000 route miles to more than 82,000 locations). As well, it owned and operated a global internet protocol backbone that provided connectivity to 2,600 cities in 100 countries, and 2,400 banking, frame, relay, and voice switches. Part of the company’s strategy to put the past behind it is to produce breakthrough products, one of which may be its WorldCom Connection, voted the 2002 Product of the Year by Internet Telephony trade magazine. The product consolidates a customer’s entire communications needs over a single network solution, allowing for better network management, lowered costs, and use of new multimedia technology. Baraki Barak City of Afghanistan 2016.

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