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Bangladesh Map for The treaty is a highly specific and voluminous document, implementation of which began on January 1, 1994. Side agreements were worked out to correct perceived abuses in labor and the environment in Mexico. On the basis of the successful conclusion of the treaty in December 1994, heads of state of 34 American countries (all except Cuba) agreed in principle at the Hemispheric Summit in Miami that negotiations for a Free-Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) will be completed no later than 2005. The choice between these two alternatives was deliberately left open in order to achieve unanimity. One alternative, favored by the United States, would be the accession of all other American countries to NAFTA; the second route, supported by Brazil and other Latin American countries, proposes the foundation of a free trade area by keeping intact subregional arrangements. Treaty provisions. NAFTA provides for elimination of all tariffs on industrial products traded between the signatories within a period of 10 or 15 years. Bangladesh Map 2016.

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