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Thai Soapy Massages

This is a whole other sport in Thailand that you must do at least once in life. For soapy body massages, hop a cab to Ratchadapisek Road. They are all centered here and there are also several Karaoke Bars in the area as well. Definitely a great relaxing experience in Bangkok, so here’s the lowdown. You go in and view a pack of girls thru a glass gallery, called the fish bowl. The girls all have numbers on their shirts for identification. That way you can tell your friends how hot #217 was last night. Makes for a real personal experience. Drinks are available, you pick out your girl, pay and move to a room. You hop in the hot tub and get a sudsy bath, then onto the massage mat. Best done in a sandwich, i.e., 2 girls. Request the body massage, where they use their whole bodies instead of just their hands. Then it’s onto the bed for the last part of your date. The whole thing is around 90 minutes, with the massage fare of 1300-2500 baht. Use this link for the latest up to date locations, addresses, prices, and reviews.

Blow Job Bars

This one friggin’ takes the cake. If you don’t have the time to take a girl back to your hotel, or upstairs at the local go-go bar, what do you have left that’s quickie? Blow Job Bars. These bars provide a level of service not normally found in go-go bars, that you may find either disgusting or hilarious. You walk in, sit down and buy a beer, and for less than $10 a girl comes up and blows you right at your stool. Don’t spill your beer mate. If you’re running low on quality money shots, maybe pour some suds over her head.

Definitely different strokes for different folks, but if you are curious check them out! These are all around the Patpong Soi 2 .

Star of Light Bar Patpong Soi 2 (on your left hand side if entering Patpong 2 from Surawong Road) Blow jobs in a private room or at the bar counter. Blow Jobs slang in Thai is called “Smoke”, as in “Me like smoke you long time\”

Local Discos : Here are some local discos with freelancers:

Concept CM2 (basement of Novotel Hotel, Siam Square)

This is a huge Bangkok club full of pros and non-pros. They feature a house band playing band 80’s and 90’s US music, as well as the typical Ornamental fast techno crap. Cover is $6 weekdays and $12 on weekends. Girls are $25-45. A lot of hot talent here, a little expensive comparatively, but more locals and most speak English.

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