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Long Gun :

Most clubs down here come and go, but for years now this one has been a mainstay in Soi. It’s not the biggest club, but it’s offers up some of the best feature shows in town. Come early if you expect to even get in here. Although they do offer up some great-choreographed strip tease acts, people come here for the down and dirty. Long Gun is the big daddy when it comes to vaginal trick shows. Don’t expect to see a dance show when these are going on. The girls are masters of their own domain. 11 pm is show time, and the naughtiest of the crew come out in their boots and bikinis and start off their shows with bananas, balloon tricks, and a unique way of opening Heinekens. Soon, the clothes come off, and they put all kind of objects into the coochie. They shoot darts 10 feet out popping balloons, aim table tennis balls into a glass, open soft drink bottles etc. Stand back at the end of the act, they like to spray the bottles over the customers up close. A word of caution, these are real darts they shoot out, try not to get an eye gorged out when they happen to miss. It’d be a little tough to explain to the boss at home, “there I was…”

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The Dollhouse Soi Cowboy

The newest location, with its more famous club in Pattaya. The layout on the first floor is a large pageant-like stage, with barstools surrounding it. The second floor has two smaller stages, and more of an US lap dance environment. One of these stages has a clear floor, so the first floor customers can look up and see all the way to…um Bangkok, as the girls wear see thru clothes and no thongs. The Dollhouse has plenty of sports on its 100-inch Big Screen TV, in case 100 girls running around in transparent clothes or butt naked bores you. Get used to the 50-cent tequila shots specials, the girls working here down dozens of them thru the night. How exactly can you tell whether a girl is speaking or slurring in Thai?

Suzie Wongs on Cowboy is definitely a Bangkok must. The Suzie Wong girls are now well known as some of the stars of the Bangkok nightlife. Not only does the bar employ some of the best looking girls in Bangkok, but also they have that sexy and drunk attitude that makes for a great time in the bar.

Soi Cowboy has a ton of smaller more intimate bars as well. A few favorites are Jungle Jims, and The Toy Bar. The girls here drink heavily and realize you’re a famous porn star and hope to have a chance to audition in your hotel room. Dates are around $30-40, as well as a bar fine of 500Bt.


Iocation Silom Rd or Suriwong Rd. Use the Skytrain.

Patpong is definitely the top dog of all the Bangkok nightlife, with a huge concentration of exotic bars in a tiny area. At night it’s a supermarket of imitation items, such as Rolexes, jewelry, clothing, luggage and so on. Everything is negotiated in the stores and stands, and even their method of bargaining has a Asian traditional feel to it. When its bartering time, the seller will not directly tell you a price, instead he types an amount into a calculator, to which you are invited to respond.

On Patpong I as you try to tackle all the endless titty bar row, make sure you check out King’s Castle I and King’s Castel II. Patpong 2 has some specialty bars, where girls practice sword swallowing in private or do you right at the bar if you want. Take a photo for the family album! The girls have an assortment of fantasy Costumes and toys, and will perform S&M, BDSM, or virtually any act. You name it basically. Dates are around 1600 baht for 90 minutes. Star of Light is another popular one. Avoid going upstairs to the bars with the shows. There have been stories of people being ripped off with huge bar tabs . In fact, try to pay for all drinks at once, no tabs ever.

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