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Airport Taxis :

Airport taxi or limousine from inside the arrivals hall. Fares are around 500-600 Baht. If you want a meter taxi (less luxurious, less expensive) join the line outside the arrivals building and get a taxi voucher from the ticket booth outside. Tell them your hotel, payment is upon arrival. Fares vary

depending on the time/distance from around 200Baht upwards. A small tip is always appreciated.

Depending on your hotel location, the driver may ask if you want to take the toll way. There are two main toll roads into central Bangkok, which cost 30-40 baht. This is an extra separate charge from the fare and optional. You should pay the driver direct as you go through the toll way. It can be much quicker to take the toll roads in standard rush hour periods.

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Airport limo company site.

Getting Around :

The bus system of Thailand will bring you to anywhere and from anywhere without problems, and in relative comfort. Every travel agent in Thailand is able to sell you a ticket to Bangkok.

The sky train (similar to the underground railways in most major cities only it’s above your head) really makes a difference with all the street traffic. You can now go from Silom Road to Sukumvit Road and other parts of the town in a matter of minutes, even on a Friday afternoon. It doesn’t solve the chronic traffic congestion since it is too expensive for most Thai workers, but it makes life much easier for tourists and people staying a short while.

Taxi is still the best way to reach parts of the city not covered by the sky train. The old taxis without a meter are a thing of past. Now you don’t need to bargain the price of the ride before getting in: just check that the meter is working.

Passenger boats in the river are another way to get around. Even these water taxis are an option worth considering. They are interesting, colorful and sometimes even practical.

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