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Nanaplaza Entertainment Plaza :

Location: Sukhumvit Soi 4, use Sky train to Nana Station.

Nana is a large multi story complex of Go-Go bars consisting of ground floor beer bars, as well as home to three floors of Ripley’s believe it or not sleazy nightlife. Many of the clubs here will put on a show that has to be seen, and is better off not repeated. On the first floor we find Hollywood Rock, Playskool, Rainbow 1 and 2, Voodoo, and Buttums Up.

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The second floor is predominately the small little bars that are home to the veteran Thai customers and expats. Best one to check out is G-Spot, located in the far right corner

Three huge bars occupy the third floor. Right side is Carnival, and the left is Hollywood Two and Hollywood Strip. A great first stop for the Short-term tourist.

Here’s some quick reviews of recommended bars you should visit.


Located in the far right corner of Nana, between Hollywood and the 2 Rainbow bars. The traditional setup with a central stripper dance stage. It fits maybe 6 girls, but they pack in about 20 girls, all shuffling aimlessly around looking for their night’s partner. Playskool is always packed with customers, and close to 100 dancers. The hottest girls are already bar fined and gone for the night by 11 pm, so make your trip here early. Some of the hottest looking Bangkok girls work here. The sexy schoolgirl uniform was the mainstay outfit, but it seems to have disappeared into topless girls in thongs. That doesn’t mean you can’t take the girls home for some disciplining. Cheap drinks, and indoor bar/outdoor patio.


Angelwitch is hidden on the second floor of Nana in between all the small bars on the left side, close to the (in)famous Casanova lady boy bar.

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of political crackdowns on the total total nudity here, so it’s hit or miss for that aspect. Angelwitch is infamous for it’s sexotic shows, and is packed to the gills on weekends. Come here to see their intricate choreographed shows starting after 10 P.M. Highlights include S&M shows as well as exotic Thai dancing.

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