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ATM machines

Available at most banks and shopping centers throughout the city. Thai Baht only. ATMs generally have Thai and English language displays and will accept most internationally recognized foreign cards. ATM’s accept cards under the CIRRUS, VISA or MasterCard.

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Travelers Checks / Credit Cards :

Most traveler’s checks can be cashed at banks. Take your passport or ID. MasterCard and VISA are widely accepted by major banks, restaurants and shops. AMEX and Diners and tend to be accepted only at up market venues. Banks :

Open Mon. – Fri. from 9:30am to 3:30pm. Currency exchange centers operate in most tourist areas from 7.00am to 9.00pm, everyday, including holidays.

Helpful Tips :

The temperature and humidity here is stifling, bring sunscreen and sunglasses everywhere you go. Slam bottles of water down like it’s last call. AVOID getting drinks with ice as the source is questionable, meaning your shorts will all have racing stripes quickly. Only accept the ice cubes with holes through them. When you’re eating out in the evenings, watch out for mosquitoes. Ask the waiter to put a mosquito coil under the table to discourage them. Wear pale colored slacks and mosquito repellant.

Recommended Restaurants :

Since this info can change weekly, we can’t recommend enough the “Zagat Survey.” Pick up their travel book, or signup online. Worldwide reviews, menus, and pricing. ( )

Crime and Scams :

Thailand is the land of bartering for everything, and there’s plenty of it, as they also specialize in selling knock off versions of Rolexes luggage, and everything under the sun. Thus, stay on top of the currency exchanges, watch for bogus folded bills, and make sure you pay in their currency for everything. The cabbies will constantly try to take you to a buddy’s store to get a commission. Give a specific street address when you tell your destination. Don’t say I want to go shopping at a mall. In advance, make sure you’ve either agreed on a clear price, or demand that the meter be running. If they try to scam you and start playing the “no English” game, tell them “tourist police.” Suddenly their memory gets much better.

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