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Electricity :

Voltage is 220 Volt AC with flat 2 pin plugs. You can buy an adapter for shavers, laptop computers, mobile chargers, etc., on arrival at most department stores.

Most hotels now have Internet either from the room by laptop, or from their business center. Charges vary from around 100 Baht for the first 15 minutes with lower charges afterwards. Additional surcharges times apply, so check first. There are also Internet cafes in most shopping areas which are generally expensive.

Bangkok Nightlife

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Welcome to Holy Land O Smiles. Unashamed hedonist insanity is the Bangkok sex industry. Everywhere you turn are sex clubs and massage parlors, as well as restaurant and cocktail bars. Bangkok alone is home to dozens of discos, almost a 100 GoGo bars, hundreds of karaoke bars, and literally thousands of pubs and cafes. Packs of people of all types, not just the old horny men you’d expect, but mid 20’s guys and girls on vacations all peering into the sea of blatant hookers and naked strippers. The layout is real simple, the main street is Sukhumvit Road, and the side streets are called Soi and number in order, odd one side, even the other.

Neon Go Go bars and people bartering goods light up the alleys. Wander on in and discover miles of girls in bikinis or topless grinding to the latest top 40 western hits, a virtual sexual Disneyland. It’s an all-round mesmerizing sight to view, and knowing not a lick of the Thai language is not a problem.

The number of prostitutes in Thailand range from 300,000 to one million. (Side note: you have to be very careful about lady boys in Thailand. We’re talking a complete sex change. They are taller, w/big feet and big hands. They thrive on fooling you.)

People come to Thailand to see the beautiful architecture, landscaping, and of course, the clubs where girls shoot ping pong balls out of their pussies. Try to wipe that shit eating grin off your face the first time you see the nude line dances by gorgeous Thai girls who look like teenage virgins. One of the strangest act we’ve seen involved a full beer can placed inward and then with no hands, she turned it around and shot it out. Olympian talents here.

There are three main sections of the city’s strip clubs, and massage parlors. Soi Cowboy, Nana Entertainment Plaza, and Patpong. Keep in mind, the location and layout of the red light district has been a constant for some 30 years now, the names of the clubs may change, but the song remains the same. It’s usually the same owners just mixing things up a bit.

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