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G-spot is the biggest “A-Go-Go bar” in Bangkok, located on the second floor of Nana Plaza in the far right corner. It features 3 dance stages, the entrance is next to the left stage, and sports the club’s dirtiest dancers. Always nude in the past, during crackdown season they are topless. Since the stages are larger and not so packed, you’ll get to see real sexy dancing, instead of the stupid stripper shuffle. The girls can really move it here. After your fifteenth beer, feel free to act like you’re the choreographer.

Hollywood Strip

Located on the left side of the third floor of Nana is the Hollywood Strip. There’s a huge rotating carousel stage on the left and another stage on the right. This place was famous for it’s bizarre shows in the past, and the girls were always nude. Previous favorite acts included playing hide the live frog in the coochie, and other great family fun. There was no level too low for debauchery here in the good old days. It’s toned down currently, but these things pass over quickly and the freak shows reappear.


One of the biggest strip clubs, Voodoo bar is located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza in the far left corner. It features a huge dance stage, with the middle section containing a rotating carousel. You get to lust after close to 100 girls, and there are many top-notch lookers here. Arrive early, the club gets cherry picked before midnight. Outside you’ll find a huge bar as well, with sports on the TV’s and a ringside view of the action walking in the streets.

Rainbow 2

The latest edition of the Rainbow bars, this club is friggin’ huge. Located on the far right corner of the ground floor of Nana Plaza, next to Hollywood Rock, it is home to well over 100 dancers. If you can’t find one you like here, you should pack your bags and get on home to your 200-pound nagging wife. Maybe you should try envisioning her if you find yourself having ridiculously high standards. The typical Thai girl’s body weight could be a rounding error when calculating the weight of many US women.

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Other clubs in Nanaplaza to visit are Buttums Up, Carnival, Fantasia, and Hollywood, as well as dozens of other smaller ones.

Soi Cowboy :

Soi Cowboy is located just off Sukhumvit Road between Soi Asoke and Soi 23, just a short walk from the Asoke Skytrain station. It covers a 300-yard long street area, and is comprised of close to 50 clubs on both sides of the road. Here a sex tourist can find endless scantily clad Thai girls grinding to loud classic western hits, and enjoy picking up a subservient young honey for a remarkably small date fee. As you pass by each club expect half a dozen girls waving and screaming at you, trying to pull you into their bar. If you’re bored, walk up and offer them an autograph if they can give you directions to a good Irish pub in Manhattan.

Some of the namesake bars to visit here are Long Gun, Tilac, Dollhouse, Baccara, Midnight Bar and many others. Nestled in between these large clubs are dozens of smaller bars to pop in and out of. Soi Cowboy is known to be somewhat more laid back than the other sections, but they do have their share of exotic shows featuring a buffet of naked dancers slithering up and down acrobatically between the stage’s chrome poles.

Most of the bars at Soi Cowboy charge a fee (bar fine) of about 500 baht to take one of their little honeys home with you. The girls are roughly 800-1500 baht for a short liaison of a few hours, or 1500 to 2000 for an entire evening of debauchery. In Cowboy you can move your date and your happy ass on upstairs to a private room in about half the clubs.

Beer costs 60 to 85 baht during happy hour($2) in the smaller bars, a little more at the premium spots, and the girls house drinks they want you to buy run a tad more.

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