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Bangkok Subway Map on To some extent this arrangement lessens the opportunity for adverse selection because to select into a specific health insurance plan one must be hired by an employer sponsoring such a plan. A significant percentage of Americans lack health insurance because they are not covered by employer-provided health insurance and do not qualify for government health insurance programs for the elderly (Medicare) or poor (Medicaid). The consumer’s lack of information introduces a principal-agent problem into markets for health care. The agent is the physician, and the two principals are the patient and the payer (whether a private health insurance company or a government insurance program). The patient wants the physician to provide treatment, prescriptions for drugs, and referrals for specialist care to the extent that the patient’s out-of-pocket cost equals the patient’s benefit. The interest of the patient differs from that of the payer, who wants to minimize its longrun costs. It has been alleged, with weak empirical support, that physicians are capable of exploiting consumer ignorance by inducing demand, that is, convincing patients to purchase goods or services that they do not need but that enrich the physician. Bangkok Subway Map 2016.

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