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XV, LVII, makes very probable the identification of the scene proposed by A. Ferrua. In the Eastern world, the episode was found for the first time in a miniature of the Evangelary of Rabbula from the year 586 Cecchelli, Rabb. Gosp., 69-71, on an iconography very different from the Western one: three soldiers, seated under the cross, are in the act of playing a game of morra for the tunic i.e., an Italian game in which one guesses the number of fingers held up simultaneously by another player, similar to the American game of odds and evens. Bangkok Map The same figurative schema evidently characteristic of the Eastern world appears, substantially the same, on early and late medieval Byzantine icons, one of which is preserved in the convent of St. Catherine on Mount Sinai, which can be dated to the 8th c. K. Weitzmann – M. Chatzidakis – K. Miatev – S. Radojcic, Fr¼he Ikonen. Sinai, Griechenland, Bulgarien, Jugoslawien, Wien-M¼nchen 1966, LXXIX, n. 6. A. Ferrua, Le pitture della nuova catacomba di Via Latina, Citt  del Vaticano 1960, 74-75, pls. 72-73; E. Lucchesi Palli, s.v. Morraspiele: LCI 3, 281-282; L. Ktzsche-Breitenbruch, Die neue Katakombe an der via Latina in Rom. Untersuchungen zur Ikonographie der alttestamentlichen Wandmalereien: JbAC 4 Erg.- Bd., M¼nster 1976, 42-45; D. Goffredo, s.v. Soldati che si giocano le vesti di Cristo: TIP, 279-280.

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