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The structure of church buildings was generally influenced by this custom. Even in the funeral rite, the East frequently played an important role, showing the last position the Christian had to assume,Bangalore Subway Map both dying and dead. In the 1st centuries, the meaning of this gesture was linked to eschatological expectation Mt 24:27; Didasc. Addai 2,1. Origen writes, Redemption comes from the East; from there in fact man had his origin, hence the name East’ for this reason you are always invited to turn your gaze toward the East from whence arises the sun of justice and from where, for you, arises the light   Hom. in Lev. 9,10. Bangalore Subway Map Later, prayer toward the East was related to the theme of paradise, following the Genesis account, which placed the ancient homeland in the East Gen 2:8; according to the Apocalypse of Moses ch. 29, Adam often returned to the barred frontier of the earthly paradise to ask pardon. Bangalore Subway Map The Christian, like his forefather Adam, wishes to return to his lost homeland, and so, like him, he turns in private prayer to the East Greg. Nyss., Or. in laud. Bas.: PG 44, 1184D. In the following century, at Rome, Leo the Great criticizes as a vestige of paganism those who, influenced by sun worship, upon entering St. Peter’s first turned toward the sun to make a superstitious gesture Serm. 22,6; 27,4.

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