Bali travel guide

WHAT TO BUY: Javanese and Balinese woodcarvings. Silverware and sarongs. Alligator and snakeskin goods, paintings.

WHAT TO WEAR: One should wear very lightweight clothing. WHERE TO GO SIGHTSEEING:

Bogor: An hour‚„s drive from Jakarta, has a famous botanical garden with hundreds of thousands of varieties of tropical vegetation. Thirty miles from Bogor is the Puntjak area (4,800 feet with invigorating climate). It‚„s Jakarta‚„s playground studded with small hotels, restaurants and swimming pools.

Bandung: the capital of West Java, a half hour by air from Jakarta, is one of the most delightful cities of the Far East. (Population 800,000), beautifully laid out on a high plateau surrounded by mountains covered with rice fields, chinchona and tea plantations and forests. The local people (Sundanese) are noted for their infectious gaiety and colorful dress. Visit one of the markets and see the remarkable building which houses the technical school of the University of Indonesia. Among the excellent hotels are the Savoy Homan and the Preanger. The 6,300-foot Tangkuban Prahu volcano is nearby.

Island of Bali: ‚“The Paradise of the Pacific,‚ 3Vi hours by air from Jakarta, this densely populated little island (the size of Delaware) has all the charm and spectacular beauty associated with it. The 10,000-foot Gunung Agung (Peak of Bali) is the island‚„s Mt. Fuji. Mount Batur is the only active volcano. Bali-Hinduism, the important factor in the people‚„s lives, is evident in their wide variety of colorful ceremonies and celebrations, and the omnipresent temples.

Djogjakarta (Djogja) and Sole : are the most typically ‚“Javanese‚„ cities of Java, known for their exquisite silverware and batik. Visit the magnificent Borobudur, one of the world‚„s greatest Buddhist sanctuaries twenty-four miles from Djogja. Two miles from Borobudur is the Mendut temple, which contains an indescribably beautiful statue of a seated Buddha, flanked by Boddhisatvas.

SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION : Maclaine, Watson and Co., N.V., agents for Pan American at the Hotel des Indes (Tel. Gambir 3745). Also the Nitour (National and International Tourist Agencies) at the Djalan Madjapahit Nr. 2.

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