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However, also because of the hostility of Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist leaders to Christianity, and the interruption of the connection between Christianity in China and its mother church in Mesopotamia, in 845 the emperor Wu-Zong forbade Christianity as well as all extraneous religions, such as Buddhism and Zoroastrianism. Bakersfield Subway Map The fact that the state confiscated the considerable properties of these religious groups suggests that the decision was also taken for financial reasons, given that it was a period of severe economic crisis. It seems that one Christian community resisted in China even after 845 and kept its own patriarch. In 986 a monk reported to the catholicos that Christianity was extinct in China and there was only one Christian left. This may be an exaggerated statement; however, it indicates a grave crisis. Christianity would flourish again in China in the 13th14th century, when the Chinese church depended again on the east-Syrian catholicos. The names of important Christian leaders were also Syriac: a Chinese was elected patriarch with the Syriac name of Yaballaha III 1281, and close to this time a monk called Rabban bar Sauma traveled from Beijing to Rome to support the project of a crusade of Chinese and Mongolians against the Mamelukes.

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