Bagels and Curries on Brick Lane London

Brick Lane Beigel Bake: 159 Brick Lane; Cafe Naz: 46-8 Brick Lane, 020 7247 0234; City Spice: 138 Brick Lane, 020 7247 1012; Le Taj: 134 Brick Lane, 020 7247 4210 Maps 5 F5 & 11 F1 The yellow and red sign of the Beigel Bake marks a little gathering point throughout the day and night it’s open 24 hours for everyone from cabbies picking up a quick snack to old Jewish residents of the area to clubbers getting a bite to eat in the early hours. You can buy a freshly baked bagel, with classic fillings such as salt beef and mustard or smoked salmon and cream cheese, for less than £2. Brick Lane is also famous for its curry houses. You’ll find better Indian cuisine elsewhere, but the lively atmosphere along this narrow strip of road, with its bright neon signage, makes up for culinary shortfalls. As a stomach-fiHer after a few drinks, an inexpensive curry at somewhere like Cafe Naz, City Spice or LeTaj is just the ticket. For more on Brick Lane, see pi60.

Bagels and Curries on Brick Lane London Photo Gallery

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