Bacon’s Rebellion

Historians have interpreted Bacon’s Rebellion variously as a race war, a class war, a battle over patronage, and the [temporary] end of American independence. Each of these interpretations is valid to a certain extent. Bacon’s Rebellion, which shook the colony of Virginia to its very foundations in 1676, arose from complex origins and achieved complicated results. Virginia in 1676 had enjoyed several decades of peace, thanks to a treaty signed by the Powhatan in 1644. Virginia had also enjoyed half a century of prosperity from the export of tobacco. However, rifts had developed between those who benefited from patronage and those who were not so favored, between Native Americans and English colonists, and between the eastern and western parts of the colony. These tensions would erupt into violence in 1676. Nathaniel Bacon and Bacons Rebellion Bacon’s Rebellion APUSH Review – YouTube First Street Confidential – News Summary from around the World …

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