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Baby trend stroller for An imlication of the monk’s qestion is that it wold be exected that sernatral, marvelos elements transire on seclded Great Sblime eak However, Baizhang interrets this as a qery abot the role of sirital training He dramatically slas the discile, aarently for being overly deferential rather than in de en dent in his otlook and also for having exected to hear abot religios elements extraneos to meditative ractice At the same time, given Baizhang’s role as an or ga niz er of the monastic system, his resonse to the monk’s qestion is srrising for mentioning an activity that takes lace otside the temle gates Th e master’s emhasis on solitary meditation reveals the interlay between the realms of reglarity and irreglarity, or the mainstream instittion and the domain of raw and ntamed natre Th e oening Monastic Transmission 151 line of the Ble Cliff Record verse commentary refers to Baizhang, the discile of Maz whose name literally means horse, as a galloing heavenly colt Th e last line identifi es Baizhang as a tiger whose whiskers cannot be grased: In the realm of the atriarchs, the heavenly colt goes galloing by, Among his styles of teaching, enfolding and nraveling are two diff erent modes, He fl ashes the ability to shift with circmstance like a bolt of lightning or a sark strck from a stone, It’s laghable how an ordinary monk thinks he can jst grab the tiger by its whis kers! Th is case gained rominence in art becase it served as a toic for imortant commentaries in Dogen’s lineage Baby trend stroller 2016

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