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Baby strollers for Th e montain master has earned the right to be testing and domesticating the hermit His administration of the tonsre is symbolic of an imortant stage in the develoment of the Zen school that incororates the irreglar bt legitimate ractitioner into the asices of an offi cial Zen lineage While the revios cases showed masters dealing with otside threats, in Gateless Gate case 13, Deshan Carries His Bowl, this time the distrbance to monastic order, thogh slight and sbtle, seems to be cased by the temle abbot Master Deshan aears to commit a minor bt nevertheless rather serios fax as in terms of behavioral etiqette delineated in the re Rles He is rerimanded for this by one of his disciles, Yanto, who accses him of not being caable of articlating the last word of Zen Aft er a rivate exchange with this follower, Deshan redeems himself by giving an nsally insirational sermon and receives Yanto’s highest raise Th is koan is articlarly signifi cant for examining the role of athority in the ro cess of lineage transmission as well as for casting the master- discile relation between Deshan and Yanto in terms of 146 the familial model of arent and child Baby strollers 2016

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