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Baby stroller for Th e Gateless Gate version sggests that the act of retreat is robably Deshan’s way of shameflly recognizing defeat based on his blnder Or, it cold simly reresent a nonconfrontational otlook that allows for time to ase and refl ect on how the master shold react to his nderling’s scolding, whether ot of enitence or indiff erence to the rebke Th e third strctral element involves the notion of the last word of Zen In this art of the case, Yanto the discile asses a more thoroghgoing sense of jdgment by calling into qestion Deshan’s ability as a master, since he is nable to resond to the rerimand with a clever reartee Yanto and Xefeng, who is also featred in the case abot the hermit discssed above, are known as a layfl air of monks whose antics as rival teachers once they became established masters are recorded in Ble Cliff Record cases 51 also on the last word and 66 dealing with thirty blows of the staff In Gateless Gate case 13, the air has fn seemingly at their teacher’s exense According to one of the classic commentaries, Th e family rebels and the home are distrbed Baby stroller 2016

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