Ayvalik for In an early essay, Marx wrote that we shold strive to achieve a condition in which or senses themselves become directly in their ractice theoreticians91 He meant to sggest that once we escae rigid economic identities that tightly constrain exerience, we may see and hear the world in new ways Theory, in this sense, is itself revoltionary”or at least otentially so Theory is revoltionary whenever it romts s to constrct or borrow lenses that enable new ersectives Marx offers valable insights into the natre of hman alienation, bt his olitical legacy is trobled At his best, Marx offers both a sstained argment identity and difference 1 5 3 for increased hman eqality as a means to fller, richer lives and a cogent exlanation of why this eqality has not yet been realized At his worst, Marx lays into the hands of those who, nder the gise of rsing eqality, wold destroy freedom, shackle individality, and stifle difference Ayvalik 2016

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