Aydin for In turn, they attempt to measure the political world accurately in order to confirm, or disconfirm, their theoretical perspectives. As we shall see in the following sections, the field of political theory stands out among the traditional fields of political science by focusing less on prediction and more on interpretation, less on the collection of empirical data and more on the conceptual and historical analysis of texts, less on the precise measurement of the political world and more on its normative assessment. The Interpretive Nature of Political Theory To the extent that human beings may be studied as mechanical objects or biological organisms, they are easily subject to scientific theorizing and the precise 1 2 thinking politics measurement this entails. Much modern medical research, for example, proceeds under these conditions. After all, the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology apply to human beings no less than to rocks, trees, and other animals. Nevertheless, the farther we move from the basic chemistry, physiology, or genetics of human life, the more difficult it becomes to theorize it scientifically. Employing physiological and evolutionary theories, we may with great accuracy explain why and predict how a person will cry out and pull away if suddenly jabbed with a sharp pencil. Aydin 2016.

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