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Historical region of Country For Irenaeus as for Hermas, the believers are the church Adv. haer. 3, 6, 1. Its different members are closely united to one another, since “all recognize one God and Father, believe in the same economy of the incarnation of


According to 1 Clement, the churches of Rome and Corinth sojourn in a foreign land, having their full citizenship only in heaven. The church is identified with those “called elect, sanctified by the will of God through our Lord Jesus Christ” preface. All who

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Historical region of Country The patriarchate of Antioch was displeased by the rise of the patriarchate of Constantinople, at the Council of Chalcedon 451, to first see of the East. Meanwhile it was infiltrated by heresy, so much so that the patriarchal see alternated

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Historical region of Country II. Parishes. In the first centuries the bishop was at the center of both the Christian liturgy and church administration. The Eucharist and baptism were normally administered only by him; in cases of necessity, also by presbyters. From the point

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Historical region of Country Territories with many cities usually had small but numerous bishoprics, as in N Africa and S-central Italy, while territories with few cities had vast bishoprics, as in N Italy, Gaul, Spain, the Danubian and Balkan provinces. The diocesan area usually


I. Dioceses – II. Parishes – III. Ecclesiastical provinces – IV. Patriarchates. I. Dioceses. The term diocese is derived from Roman public law: a dioecesis was a vast area of several provinces, ruled by a vicarius. In the ecclesiastical sphere the term “diocese” dioi,khsij


The Easter homilies of the Fathers occupy a place of special importance in the ancient corpus of homilies for two reasons: 1 After the week-long celebration of the Lord’s death and resurrection, from the beginning of Christianity, Easter was not only the most ancient

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Historical region of Country Toward the end of the 2nd c., however, during the pontificate of Pope Victor, a dramatic conflict arose over the Quartodeciman observance, almost certainly because the presbyter Blastus set forth much propaganda in favor of that observance at Rome see

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Historical region of Country III. The Easter controversy. In the second century, the churches of Rome and Alexandria and numerous other Eastern and Western churches were celebrating the Easter celebration of Christ’s resurrection on the Sunday immediately following the full moon of spring; the

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Historical region of Country The structure of church buildings was generally influenced by this custom. Even in the funeral rite, the East frequently played an important role, showing the last position the Christian had to assume,Bangalore Subway Map both dying and dead. In the

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Historical region of Country B. In a theological sense, East indicated the attitudes, problems, mentality, special tendencies and characteristics of the Greek church, when Greek theology definitively detached itself from Latin. Ancient religions gave much importance to orientation: in prayer, in the construction of