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Historical region of Country III. Christian art. The peoples of Semitic language who occupied the N-central part of the Ethiopian highlands took their culture from South Arabia and from the eastern Hellenistic and Roman world; this mixture of influences, with some of a local

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Historical region of Country In 1270 the Solomonids seized power in the Ethiopian nation, which in the following centuries saw the greatest expansion of its borders, esp. under kings Dawit 1382–1413 and Zar‘a Ya‘qob 1434– 1468, together with an intensification of the struggle between

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Historical region of Country With Ezana’s conversion, Christianity became the official religion of the kingdom of Aksum, to which groups of Syrian monks migrated in the 5th and 6th c., as is hinted by local traditions that, in the Acts of the “nine saints”


I. Early Christianity – II. Liturgy – III. Christian art – IV. Classical language or Ge‘ez – V. Literature. I. Early Christianity. The introduction of Christianity into Ethiopia should be linked, it would seem, to the story of Queen Candace’s treasurer Acts 8:27. Yet

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Historical region of Country To Scripture and nature Tertullian adds church discipline: these are the three guides in moral matters. Love remains the supreme sacrament and the treasure of the Christian Fug. 14, whom it sometimes calls to the gift of life itself for

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Historical region of Country Along with consciousness of the cosmic order, John upholds the importance of work, which is a law of nature and the will of the Creator, who also works in his world Salutate Priscillam et Aquilam Rom 16:3, 1, 5. Work

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Historical region of Country Basil of Caesarea insists on human freedom. Without free will there can be no basis for praise or blame, and the possibility of merit is the first condition of any just judgment Hom. 6, 7. He rejects astrology in one


A pagan, he married the Christian Bertha, daughter of the Frankish king Charibert of Paris. In 597 he welcomed Augustine and his companions, sent to evangelize the Anglo-Saxons, allowing them to live at Canterbury, his capital. It seems that he soon converted to Christianity,

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Historical region of Country Divine eternity, in which humans will participate, is not an infinite extension in time, but transcends all time. In Gregory, as in Origen and several Fathers influenced by the Origenian tradition, the eternity of God is closely related to God’s


The conception of eternity in the Fathers is influenced not only by the philosophical formation especially Platonic of some of them, but primarily by the biblical concept. In pre-Socratic philosophy there is no secure attestation of the term aivw,nioj, whereas eternity or perpetuality is