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Also with the king’s help, Augustine built though the consecration took place only with his successor Lawrence a monastery not far from the city with an attached church dedicated to the apostles Peter and Paul, near the portico in which he was later buried Hist. eccl. gent. angl. II, 3. On the death of Deusdedit 14 July 664 Augustine’s fifth successor after Lawrence, Mellitus, Justus and Honorius the local bishopric remained vacant for a long time; to correct this dangerous situation, Egbert, king of Kent and son of Earconbert, and Oswy, king of Northumbria, sent the priest Wighard, a highly regarded English religious, to Rome for the purpose of having him ordained archbishop by Pope Vitalian. In this way they sought to fix the precarious situation and organizational gaps of the English churches. Australia Metro Map Wighard’s death of plague at Rome, however, gave the pope the chance to send a person of his own choice to manage that difficult land, an outsider who had not been conditioned by the environment. After a long search the choice fell to a Cilician monk, Theodore of Tarsus, whose episcopal activity as Deusdedit’s successor proved decisive for the radical and definitive reorganization of the churches of England. He conformed to the Synod of Whitby 664, adopting Roman rites instead of Celtic and, visiting the whole country, founded numerous new churches, strengthened the church’s unity and consolidated the primatial role of Canterbury. In the 7th c. many churches and monasteries were built in Kent, contributing to the consolidation of Canterbury’s supremacy, while in the following century the city’s importance was threatened by the domination of King Offa of Mercia. Archbishops: Augustine, 597 604; Lawrence, 604 619; Mellitus, 619 624; Justus, 624 627; Honorius, 627 653; Deusdedit, 655 664; Wighard, ca. 665; Theodore, 668 690; Berthweald, 693 731; Tatwine, 731 734; Nothelm, 735 739; Cuthbert, 740 760.

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