AURELIUS of Carthage

AURELIUS of Carthage d. 427. Little is known of his life; Paulinus Vita Ambr. 54 mentions a brother, Fortunatus, a deacon in ca. 411. Augustine, returning to Africa in 388, found Aurelius a deacon at Carthage, and their friendship began then. From Augustine we know of his charity Civ. Dei 22, 8,3, of his opposition to paganistic rites that Christians celebrated at the tombs of the martyrs and to the holding of agapai in church Aug., Ep. 22,4; 29,10. Aurelius was elected bishop between 390 393 probably 391 392. Cyprian’s fame and Carthage’s position as the capital of Africa had increased the responsibility attached to this position; Aurelius himself spoke of these burdens at the council of 397 Mansi, III 746, 929. 

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