AURASIUS of Toledo

AURASIUS of Toledo d. 615. Preacher who headed the church of Toledo from 603 615. Ildefonsus describes him as a good and moderate man De vir. ill. 4. In the Synod of Toledo of 610 he obtained a decree from King Gundemar, confirming the metropolitan dignity of the see of Toledo and making the city the capital of the ancient province of Carpentania. Of him we have only a brief, violent letter of excommunication sent to the judaizing Frogan, count of Toledo, who had dared to rebel against the king Ep. ad Froganem Toleti comitem. CPL 1296; D­az 81; MGH Ep. 3, 689; PLS 4, 1593-1596; J. Gil, Miscellanea wisigothica, Sevilla 1972, 45 and 48; DHGE 5, 494- 597; L.A. Garc­a Moreno, Prosopograf­a del reino visigodo de Toledo, Salamanca 1974, 113; A. Gonzlez Blanco, El Decreto de Gundemaro y la historia del siglo VII, in Los Visigodos III, Murcia 1986, 159-169; U. Dominguez del Val, Historia de la antigua literatura latina hispano-lusitana, IV, Madrid 1998, 466ff.

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