Aunarius of Auxerre

AUNACARIUS of Auxerre b. before 540d. before 605. Aunacarius, or Aunarius, descendent of a noble Orlans family, became bishop of Auxerre 31 July 561. He held a diocesan synod in 585 or 592, whose 45 canons concern mainly liturgical and disciplinary questions CCL 148A, 264-272. He took part in the councils of Paris 573 and Mcon 5813, 585, and produced a new recension of Mart. hier., the only one surviving. An Instructio de rogationibus et vigiliis CPL 1311 that regulates eucharistic celebrations for the whole diocese is his. Also preserved are two letters sent by Pope Pelagius II CPL 1707 to Aunacarius, which show a certain influence of the bishop on the politics of the time, and a letter of Aunacarius sent to the African priest Stephen CPL 2083, asking him to write a Life of St. Germanus lost and St. Amatrius, his predecessors. Auna carius is probably the author of the prologue of Caesarius of Arles’s Regula Monachorum. He died on a 25 September before 605, the day on which he is commemorated by the Mart. Rom. BHL 805-806; Verzeichnis 41995 305; BS 2, 592-593; LMA 1, 1238-1239; 6, 357-361; L. Duchesne, Fastes piscopaux de l’ancienne Gaule 2, Paris 1899, 446; H. Atsma, Klster und Mnchtum im Bistum Auxerre: France 11 1983 1-96; Y. Hen, Culture and Religion in Merovingian Gaul, Leiden 1995, 97-100.

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