AUDITE OMNES AMANTES. Alphabetical hymn in rhythmic trochaic septenarii in praise of Patrick, apostle of Ireland. Included in the Antiphonary of Bangor folios 13-15 with the title Ymnum Sancti Patrici for use in liturgical settings, it is now thought to be the work of Colman Alo d. 611, whereas it was traditionally considered a work of Secundinus Sechnall, d. 447, son of the Lombard Restituto and Patrick’s sister and perhaps one of the clerics who came to Ireland from the continent in the 5th c.; he is commemorated locally as a saint on 27 November. Sharpe 1605; Lapidge-Sharpe 573; Kenney 87; CPL 1101; BS 11,805-807. Editions and translations: PL 53, 837-840; 72, 590-592; W. Stokes, The Tripartite Life of St. Patrick, London 1887, II, 382-384; C. Blume, Analecta hymnica Medii Aevi 51, Leipzig 1908, 340-346; L. Bieler, The Hymn of St. Secundinus: PRIA 55C 1953 117-127; E. Malaspina, Gli scritti di san Patrizio. Alle origini del cristianesimo irlandese, Rome 1985, 140-143. Studies: L. Bieler, St. Secundinus and Armagh: Seanchas Ardmhacha 2 1956 21-27; A. Orchard, Audite omnes amantes: A Hymn in Patrick’s Praise, in D.N. Dunville et al., St. Patrick AD 493-1993, Woodbridge 1993, 153-173; M.W. Herren, An Early Irish Precursor of the Offiziendichtung of the Carolingian and Ottonian Periods: Euphrosyne 22 1994 291-300.


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