AUDITE OMNES AMANTES. Alphabetical hymn in rhythmic trochaic septenarii in praise of Patrick, apostle of Ireland. Included in the Antiphonary of Bangor folios 13-15 with the title Ymnum Sancti Patrici for use in liturgical settings, it is now thought to be the work of Colman Alo d. 611, whereas it was traditionally considered a work of Secundinus Sechnall, d. 447, son of the “Lombard” Restituto and Patrick’s sister and perhaps one of the clerics who came to Ireland from the continent in the 5th c.; he is commemorated locally as a saint on 27 November. Sharpe 1605; Lapidge-Sharpe 573; Kenney 87; CPL 1101; BS 11,805-807. Editions and translations: PL 53, 837-840; 72, 590-592; W. Stokes, The Tripartite Life of St. Patrick, London 1887, II, 382-384; C. Blume, Analecta hymnica Medii Aevi 51, Leipzig 1908, 340-346; L. Bieler, The Hymn of St. Secundinus: PRIA 55C 1953 117-127; E. Malaspina, Gli scritti di san Patrizio. Alle origini del cristianesimo irlandese, Rome 1985, 140-143. Studies: L. Bieler, St. Secundinus and Armagh: Seanchas Ardmhacha 2 1956 21-27; A. Orchard, Audite omnes amantes: A Hymn in Patrick’s Praise, in D.N. Dunville et al., St. Patrick AD 493-1993, Woodbridge 1993, 153-173; M.W. Herren, An Early Irish Precursor of the “Offiziendichtung” of the Carolingian and Ottonian Periods: Euphrosyne 22 1994 291-300.

Saint Colman of Lann-Elo, September 26

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