AUDENTIUS d. ca. 395. Predecessor of Asturius Ildef., De vir. ill. 2 in the see of Toledo 385 395. According to Gennadius De vir. ill. 14 he wrote De fide adversus omnes haereses, against the Manichees, Sabellians, Arians and esp. the Photinians Bonosiani. The heresies or deviations of Priscillian and his followers were included. Audentius wrote against the Priscillianists at the height of their influence, but without citing them; his work is lost. A.G. Vega believes to have identified Audentius’s De fide in Augustine’s sermon 233, a booklet On Faith, which coincides with the profession of faith of the first Council of Toledo. Audentius’s De fide would be the primitive text of the Toledan Creed. Our Audentius should not be confused with Auxentius, who appears in the first Council of Saragossa 380. A.C. Vega, De Patrolog­a Espa±ola: Bol. R. Acad. Hiat. 169 1972 263-325; H. Chadwick, Priscilliano de Avila, Madrid 1978, 278; U. Dom­nguez del Val, Historia de la antigua literatura espa±ola, 4 vols., Madrid 1997, II, 25.

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