ATARBIUS d. ca. 381. Bishop of Neocaesarea in Pontus from 368 death of Musonis to ca. 381. He delegated the lector Cyril to the Council of Constantinople. A relative of Basil the Great, he opposed him, condemning his monastic and liturgical innovations, and followed a trinitarian line closer to that of Marcellus of Ancyra. He boasted of his loyalty to the tradition of Gregory Thaumaturgus. Basil’s Ep. 54, 204, 207, 210-211, among others, concern this tension, which sheds considerable light on the ecclesiastical politics of the time. J. Danilou sought to clarify this in RecSR 54 1968 61-66. R. Pouchet, Basile le Grand et son univers d’amis d’apr¨s sa correspondance: une stratgie de communion, Rome 1992.

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